The Ronak Electronic Volume Corrector, developed by Noyan Gas, is an innovative and high-performance device specifically designed to ensure precise and reliable natural gas metering, telemetry, data logging, data acquisition, and control functionalities. The Ronak volume corrector operates with exceptional efficiency, consuming ultra-low power while delivering unmatched accuracy in volume measurement.

This product, goes beyond its primary function of volume measurement and also incorporates robust flow computer features, allowing for comprehensive gas metering capabilities. Equipped with powerful communication interfaces, the Ronak electronic volume corrector seamlessly interfaces with other field devices, facilitating seamless integration into existing gas metering systems. The multiple I/O channels provide flexibility in connecting to sensors, transmitters, and control devices, enabling the efficient gathering and processing of gas measurement data.

In terms of specifications, the Ronak Electronic Volume Corrector offers a wide range of features to meet diverse operational requirements. Some key specifications of the Ronak volume corrector by Noyan Gas include:

  • Ultra low power design implemented
  • Default measurement accuracy of 0.5% in accordance with EN-12405 standard, with optional 0.25% accuracy available
  • Various operating modes available, including PTZ, PT, TZ, and T
  • Internal 2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT modem for remote data transfer, with separate battery and external supply connection (optional)
  • Housing design conforms to IP 66 standard, ensuring durability and protection
  • Sturdy and long-lasting aluminum housing
  • Tampering detection and monitoring of device settings changes
  • Three input counters with the capability to connect a gas meter featuring LF impulse output, and the option to configure input 1 for connection to a gas meter with HF impulse output or an encoder output
  • Input pulse instability filter to ensure accurate functioning of device counters
  • Reliable performance within a temperature range of -40°C to +60°C
  • User-friendly interface with a 128 × 64 LCD and 4 navigation keys
  • Flexibility to install the device directly on the gas meter or in close proximity
  • Read/write and transfer of the most recent device information, including stored logs, alarms, and events, through the RS232 interface
  • Reading of counter values and device configuration via the RS485 interface, supporting MODBUS RTU/ASCII protocols
  • Implementation of information security standards to safeguard measured data
  • Device design and construction adhere to explosion-proof standards (ATEX) for usage in hazardous areas (Zone 0 and Zone 1)
  • Infrared optical port and dedicated configuration software available for reading information and configuring parameters
  • Detection of device door opening through a Tamper switch, facilitated by Ronak Electronic’s technology